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We're located right in Ontario, which means we can offer you the least expensive shipping from anywhere in Canada. You don't have to worry about import fees, tariffs, taxes or cross-border duties.

Are Your Coffee Cups Fresh?

Coffee Cups contain a "best before" date that indicates when they technically taste the best. All of our Single Cups are guaranteed to arrive before their "Best Before" date, or we'll credit you 50% of the cost of the box. Single Cups do not go bad after that date, they simply may not taste as strong.

Do You carry U.S. Brands?

Yes! We regularly visit suppliers in the U.S. to bring in hard-to-find Coffee Cups that aren't normally available in Canada! Some brands include: Green Mountain, Gloria Jeans, Coffee People and Caribou Coffee

How Long Does Shipping Take?

Most places within Ontario will receive their shipment within 2 business days (if ordered before 11am). You should receive tracking information within 24 hours after placing your order if ordered from Monday-Thursday.

What Is A Single Cup?

Single Cups are required for your Keurig-compatible coffee brewer. It can be finicky finding the cheapest supplier for your Coffee Cups however. Find the least expensive supplier for Single Cups on the Canadian market.

Single Cup Coffee Pods are a simple, neat method to brew an individual cup of coffee. Gourmet coffee grounds are contained in a little, air-tight plastic cup which is used in a Keurig machine. The coffee grounds are made using heated, pressurized water which produces a ideal coffee in under a minute.

These days, we carry over 130 models of Single Serving Coffee Cups in our online store, with even more added constantly.

We currently provide Coffee from the companies on the left.

Coffee Cups in Toronto

We're happy to offer 2-day shipping at the best rates online to Toronto and the GTA. Located in South-Western Ontario, orders placed before 1:00 PM EST often arrive next day, allowing you to enjoy your coffee quickly and conveniently.

Brewing a Single Cup of Coffee saves you from requiring a full pot of coffee when all you want is a single cup. While it's true that a Single Serving Cup will cost you $0.60-$0.70, a full pot of coffee will cost about $1.00 in coffee grounds, most of which inevitably goes down the drain.

On topic of quality, drip brewed coffee has a tendency to taste burnt, especially when it has been left to sit for too long. A Single Cup is brewed in seconds using precision temperatures and the perfect amount of water for your coffee. Grounds are kept fresh with single use filter basket that prevents the grounds inside from going stale.

A single cup of coffee takes under a minute to brew in a single cup machine, saving you minutes versus a traditional drip coffee maker. We all know how important those extra few minutes can be in the morning - minutes that can be used to sleep, or spend more time with your family.

Variety is the spice of life, and you can take advantage of a huge variety of different coffees and even flavours with a single serving cups. Want a cup of colombian followed by a cup of hazelnut? Good luck doing that with a 10-cup pot of coffee. Single-serving cups make it possible to actually enjoy your coffee, instead of chocking down 40 cups of the same brew day after day.

Having a variety of flavours means that you can easily accommodate guests, whether they want alight roast or a dark roast, whether they want regular coffee or flavoured coffee, or even tea (from Celestial or Bigelow) or hot chocolate (from Grove Square).

Single Serving Brewers are the next wave of coffee brewers, revolutionizing the way people consume coffee. They've reached out to some of the most experienced coffee roasters, and made their premium quality coffees available to anyone at the touch of a button. Master roasters at companies like Newman's Own, Timothy's, Tully's and even Starbucks have made coffees that far surpass your every day coffee experience.

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